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Job seekers hire me because I lend a nurturing and strategic hand in helping them to successfully navigate today’s challenging employment market.


During my 25 year career in workforce development and employment services, I’ve experienced it all. From working directly with job seekers to directing and managing employment services at the state level, I possess the knowledge and skill to help you attain your next position with greater ease.


Additionally, I have been certified as a life coach with a specialization in career development which allows me the necessary tools to assist you in the start of your career, the return to your career, or the changing of your career to help you improve your life, as well as your career. As with career coaching, it is my honor to help you focus on and clarify your goals. What’s holding you back? What barriers do you face? What plan do you have to conquer those barriers? Do you have the confidence to tackle the obstacles? Are you holding yourself accountable to get past them? I’ll be in your corner to motivate you and help you find a career and not just a job. 

In short, I can provide you with:

  • The inside scoop on today’s job search market, hiring and interview processes.

  • Effective tools for job search, interviewing, and blah.

  • Skills for career management (soft skills). Job survival skills? Survival first 90 days on job.

  • Knowledge of the unemployment system and how to navigate it.

  • Your successful launch into your next role.


I have served on numerous boards and committees to help grow my community. To name a few, I have served as Vice President and Board Treasurer of the county’s Chamber of Commerce, President of the Literacy Board, an ad hoc member of the Economic Development Commission, the local county Hunger Initiative, Healthy Start, Chairperson of the County First Steps Board, board member of the local rural transportation authority, the county Employer Council, county employer intervention program, the united way secretary, workforce investment board, and youth council



My recognitions include becoming a certified professional of business and employer services, received a certificate from the economic development institute for the local community and economic development program, received a certificate of appreciate for leadership, dedication and collaboration within the state’s workforce system.


My experience makes me more than qualified to help you get to the next step in your career.


Ready to move forward?

Contact me at 404.913.2755 or

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